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Special NATE Supplement to HVACR Business

Workforce Shortage: Fact or Fiction?

HVACR Business and North American Technician Excellence (NATE) collaborated on a comprehensive research project to understand what critical factors impact a contractor's ability to attract, recruit and retain loyal service technicians. 

This special industry report on how training, education and certification impact recruiting, loyalty, retention, operational excellence and profitability serves as an industry reference and best practice guide for HVACR contractors who want to enhance their training and certification processes and programs, all in an effort to field the best workforce possible.

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Workforce Trends Research


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Workforce Shortage: Fact or Fiction?

Updated: 09.01.15 by HVACR Business Staff

A special industry report on how training, education and certification impact recruiting, loyalty, retention, operational excellence and profitability.

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Become the Best Place to Work

Updated: 09.01.15 by Pete Grasso

High Yield Contractors discuss how they’re able to recruit, train and keep employees.

View Become the Best Place to Work


Hire for Culture, Train for Success

Updated: 09.01.15 by Matt Marsiglio

Find a candidate who fits well with your company, then train and nurture them to be a great employee.

View Hire for Culture, Train for Success


Unite Around Education

Updated: 09.01.15 by Howard Weiss

To truly fix something, you must be part of the solution — and that includes recruiting the next generation of technicians by supporting education in the industry.

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New Tools to Help You Recruit, Train Technicians

Updated: 09.01.15 by John Lanier

NATE will soon launch new levels of testing to assist contractors in hiring better candidates and provide them a career development path as they learn and grow professionally.

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Noteworthy Talent and Workplace Trends

Updated: 09.01.15 by Gary Gardiner

The need for top performers, executive talent and company leaders is now highly competitive and great candidates find themselves in positions of strength.

View Noteworthy Talent and Workplace Trends


Is Hiring a NATE-Certified Technician Important?

Updated: 09.01.15 by Theo Etzel

By hiring a NATE-certified technician, you’re assured the person caring for your customers’ systems has the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to do the job right.

View Is Hiring a NATE-Certified Technician Important?


Training Resource Guide

Updated: 1/1/10 by

Products, whitepapers, online resources and training schedules to help you recruit, train and educate your workforce.

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20 Questions, featuring NATE


Barry Abernathy

Owner, E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning

"I can't recall a time that we did not believe in training, but when we moved toward getting our techs and residential installers NATE-certified in 2002, we put a renewed emphasis on it at all levels.


Rex Boynton

Past President, North American Technician Excellence (NATE)
"NATE tests are developed by industry experts and reflect a consensus of opinion on what a technician needs to know to effectively install and service hvacr systems."

Erik Bryan

Owner, Precision Air and Heating
"We require our employees to be EPA-, NATE-, Heat Pump-Certified. All certifications in our industry have continuing education courses available and we highly encourage our employees to take these courses so we can stay up to date with the latest industry knowledge."

Mark Bulanda

President, White Rodgers
"There's simply a lack of qualified installers. NATE certification is very important and a benchmark for determining which installers are qualified."

Gary Daniels

President and CEO, Johnstone Supply
"(NATE certification) is important because it demonstrates to customers that contractors are highly trained. They can be confident they are dealing with a professional and someone who keeps up-to-date with all the latest technology."

Theo Etzel

CEO, Conditioned Air
"We employ a full-time NATE educator. In order to get more qualified people for the customer and for Conditioned Air, we felt it was a necessary step to train full time."

Carmine Galletta

CEO, GalletAir Inc.

"To us training is more than just technical. We try to produce well-rounded employees. We have manufacturer training sessions as well as NATE training and testing that take place on site."


John Galyan

President, Danfoss
"In order for contractors to invest in training and quality technicians, they need to be recognized for it. The homeowners need to know that they will have better value by using a NATE certified technician."

Winston Hancock

Owner, Gilman Heating & Cooling
"We have a policy that says, if you're going to work here, you're going to be NATE certified and you're going to keep up with it. That puts pressure on the technicians who know when it's time to recertify; they'd better study and they have to pass to be employed here."

Peter Hungate

Owner, Pacific Air Systems

"We maintain 1,000 light commercial systems, have 6,500 residential service contracts and about 10,000 active customers. A large percentage of our techs are NATE-certified, and to ensure a professional look we provide uniforms to everyone. To ensure quality service we provide lots of training."


Mark Lowry

Executive Vice President, Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES)
"Wholesalers use our curriculum in their prep classes for NATE tests and monthly training, apprenticeship programs use our courses in state-recognized programs, and schools use standard and customized courses regularly. "

Dave McIlwaine

President, HVAC Distributors, Inc.
"We have training areas in 13 of our 14 branches so we can provide technical, business, sales and NATE training to our customers and team members. We work very hard to assist our customers in gaining NATE certification and recertification for their technicians."

Peter Schwartz

Past President, North American Technician Excellence (NATE)
"NATE certification separates contractors from the pack. It benchmarks and validates a competency level, something that can be a challenge for consumers and contractors."

Jason Stom

President, Clear the Air
"All of our techs are NATE-certified. To work for our company you must be certified or get certified in your first year. We feel it's important for all of our technicians to have goals and to keep on top of the most current trends and technologies. The techs must keep all their certifications active."

Bill Stueber

Owner, Blue Ridge Heating and Cooling
"New Jersey wasn't licensed when NATE launched. Having some type of certification that said the technician we're sending out knows what he's doing was important to me. Training and education is really important."

Richard Weaver

Owner, Best in the West Air Conditioning & Heating
"To be NATE certified puts you above others who are just pretending to be qualified. I don't know any other field that has the same type of recognition for their abilities. It's something we talk about when we're on the phone with a client or if we're networking with different groups."