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Winning Management Techniques

Originally published: 06.01.06 by Jim McDermott

Our New Editorial Focus It’s all about winning.

It’s an editorial concept that is all about winning! Winning in the marketplace as a high-performance HVACR contractor. To meet the challenges in today’s fast-paced and changing markets, the HVACR contractor’s primary challenge is to keep the company moving forward with the very best business management and organizational concepts available.

The HVACR contractor market is made up of both small and large organizations but they all need a framework to help them measure their performance i the marketplace to plan for the uncertainties of the future. And there are many.

Growth in the HVACR marketplace is directly related to the management talents and capabilities of the HVACR contractor. This has been true in the past. And it will be true in the future.

The challenges and the problems remain: service capability; selling and marketing; growth and profitability; new and ever changing technology; training and education; health care and insurance; leadership; management; processes and systems. They are at the heart of every contractor’s growth potential.

The new editorial focus and mission of HVACR Business is designed to tackle the management issues with relevant, proven, in the field-types of articles that contractors can put to use immediately to improve their organization’s capabilities in this fast-paced marketplace.

HVACR Business is focused on providing editorial from the most successful and highly respected contracting authorities, on how to create a winning contracting company.

Our focus will be on creating excellence in contracting. We will put together the model required to build and maintain an organizational structure for winning in the marketplace.

Articles will cover:

• Leadership
• Customer-focused excellence
• Education and Training
• Sales and Marketing
• Financial Requirements
• Customer Service
• Conducting Business Online
• Job Costing
• Retail Maintenance Agreements
• Legal Issues and Concerns
• Technology and Innovation
• Succession Planning

The key to industry success, at all levels, is a strong, viable core of HVACR contractors who embrace a winning attitude and develop the skills and agility to move the market forward.

HVACR Business is establishing new business management guidelines that will create a new model for contractor success in this dynamic and fast-changing industry.

Winning and high performance go hand-in-hand. Our mission is to find, recognize and share winning techniques that help all HVACR contractors build strong and profitable companies.

Each month, HVACR Business will introduce new experts on HVACR contracting; new ideas on building a customer-focused company with today’s winning strategies.


About Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott

Thirty-eight years of publishing experience helped to solidify Jim’s expertise, not only in the field of publishing, but in the heating and air conditioning industry as well. He is highly adept in business management, training and development, and is a strong ally to the HVAC industry. He also is HVACR Business' editorial advisor. Jim can be contacted at

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Winning Management Techniques

The key to industry success, at all levels, is a strong, viable core of hvacr contractors who embrace a winning attitude and develop the skills and agility to move the market forward.
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