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Survey Shows Trend for 2022

Review What Your Peers expect the largest challenges for 2022 will be.

Trimble Viewpoint  an integrated construction accounting and project management software solutions company recently surveyed their network of customers about the challenges and trends they see in the coming year. Those responding, cited hiring is one of the main issues they’re concerned about looking ahead to 2022. At the same time, they have positive expectations for 2022 with the majority expecting to have more projects (64%), hire more people (53%), see contract values increase (65%) and spend more cash (57%). A summary of the findings is below, which I thought might be of interest to you/your readers as you develop your 2022 outlook coverage.

Listed below is a summary of the survey finding and many responses may sound very familiar to you. 

Survey summary:

  1. What are the biggest issues/challenges you’re expecting to deal with looking ahead to 2022?

    1. Vaccine mandates/Covid-related safety requirements (35%)
    2. Hiring challenges/labor shortages (31%)
    3. Supply chain bottlenecks/material price fluctuations (26%)
    4. Technology/workflow and productivity challenges (3%) 
  2. What do you think will be the biggest construction technology trend in 2022?

    1. Data Security/Cybersecurity (24%)
    2. Digital technologies that connect workflows and address cost and margin challenges (21%)
    3. Data accessibility/mobility (cloud and mobile apps) (18%)
    4. Predictive analytics and forecasting/modeling tools (17%) 
  3. What industry metrics or benchmarks are you most interested in following?

    1. Labor and Hiring (48%)
    2. Cash Flow Trends (23%)
    3. Project Starts/Backlogs (22%) 
  4. What do you expect to see/experience in 2022?  

    1. Expect to have more projects (64%)
    2. Expect to hire more (53%)
    3. Expect contract values to increase (65%)
    4. Expect to spend more cash (57%)