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Learn, Connect and Grow

Originally published: 05.01.21 by HVACR Business Staff

Learn, Connect and Grow

Learn, Connect and Grow

Membership in Success Group International gives contractors training and a peer group to help them succeed in business.


Success Group International (SGI) was founded in 1999 with the mission of serving the independent home services contractor focused in HVACR, plumbing, electrical and roofing.

“Our program is focused on the residential contractor; those who go in and really help homeowners fix and replace things in their home,” says Rebecca Cassel, president of SGI. “We’ve got all different kinds of szes of contractors … anywhere from people just starting out with one person in a truck all the way up to our largest client, who does almost $300 million.”

SGI aims to positively impact the lives of independent contractors through its proven business model, proprietary tools & systems and expert training & coaching.

“We’re in the business of helping contractors achieve their dreams, whatever they may be, Cassel says. “We train general managers and owners as well as frontline key employees.”

The “secret sauce” of SGI extends beyond its model and tools — those are just some of the ingredients. It features a group buying program to help its contractors with their purchasing, as well as providing marketing and branding to help them build their brand in their marketplace.

HVACR Business spoke with Cassel about advantages of membership in SGI.

Is membership open to any HVACR contractor?

Yes. We do have a guideline so that we’re not putting people on top of each other — no more than two members in the same trade up to a population of 500,000. This allows us to have a lot of members in a large marketplace, but when the marketplaces are smaller, members aren’t competing with one another.

What type of training is available to members?

When a contractor joins SGI, they’ll go through our boot camp training, which is called Executive Perspective. It consists of four days for the general manager and the owner and anybody they want to bring. The goal is to explain our program and get them launched. After that, we have training at our conventions, or Expo, which typically happens twice a year. Members are allowed to bring as many people as they’d like, but the training there is primarily for owners and managers.

We also have a completely separate division called SGI’s Learning Alliance, and that is focused on frontline people … technicians, project managers, sales staff, client service representatives, dispatchers and installers. Anybody who is customer facing or in the field is welcome to attend and learn soft skills and communication training.

We also just launched our technical online platform for members to be able to train their team virtually for technical in HVACR, plumbing and electrical.

What is Profit Day?

Profit Day is our introduction to the contractor to explain what SGI is, what it is that we offer and giving them the chance to join. We like to do those face-to-face; explaining what we do and how we do it. We normally invite an existing member to come in and share their story and what they value in SGI. We also promise if you come to Profit Day, you’ll be able to take something back to implement right away in your business.

What networking opportunities do you offer members?

We facilitate networking a couple different ways. Some members want to visit other member’s places of business, so we have a program called Profit Platoon. This is basically a group of members who have decided that they’re going to get together on a regular basis and visit each other’s shops. We give them an outline for that program. We also connect them if they don’t already know members.

We have another program that we call the TAG Program — TAG stands for The Accountability Group. This is a way for members signed up to be held accountable monthly for the goals and the success that they’re trying to achieve in their business. It’s led by one of our coaches. Each group consists of members that are in the same trade, but also similar sizes with similar issues and similar challenges as they’re trying to grow.

How is SGI membership different than franchising?

The main focus for us is to help everybody build their individual brand in their marketplace. A franchise is really focused on building a national brand and we’re trying to help build individual brands. We provide very extensive training and we offer a tremendous amount of marketing, but the contractor can choose to use it if they want to.

Attending a Profit Day is the first step in gaining access to everything a membership with SGI has to offer. Visit


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