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Originally published: 02.01.20 by HVACR Business Staff


The newest name in heating and cooling systems from the brand you trust: Trane.


Trane, which has been recognized as America’s most trusted HVAC System by Lifestory Research, stands as one of the most familiar brands in heating and cooling products. For more than a century, the Trane name has identified products and technology that stretched the world’s idea of what was possible — a tradition that’s very much engrained in the company’s DNA.

The company, products, systems and services are known for holding leading positions in eac market they serve. And, they have a reputation for outstanding engineering, reliability, high quality products and innovation.

Trane realized there are customers who want dependable products and warranties without the premium price tag. That’s why they’ve introduced the RunTru brand.

HVACR Business spoke with Scott Ewald, Brand Marketing Leader, Trane Residential HVAC & Supply, about RunTru by Trane, the new brand and portfolio of ducted heating and cooling equipment.

Why introduce a new brand?

A large segment of customers are seeking simple, dependable solutions at an opening price point. The RunTru product line delivers a reliable product that is ideal for contractors with customers in this segment. With RunTru, customers can experience a great HVAC system without the extras of premium solutions. It’s a product that’s endorsed by Trane, which is recognized as America’s most trusted HVAC brand.

What specific markets will RunTru target?

We believe there will be wide-spread applications for the product line. More specifically, contractors in the new construction market often work with builders who seek a price advantage yet want quality name brand products. We believe RunTru offers a dependable opening price point and a portfolio of products that is very competitive.

What other markets will RunTru compete in?

Property managers also will find the RunTru portfolio attractive. This HVAC product line is easy to install, built to last and priced to be a better value solution for any property type—from single-family homes to large apartment and condominium complexes.

We understand the importance of maintaining resident satisfaction and high occupancy rates while keeping a close eye on the budget.

What about existing homeowners?

For most homeowners, the label on their heating or cooling unit isn’t as important as what it provides: a comfortable indoor environment, no matter what the weather’s like outside. Knowing there isn’t always a need for the premium bell and whistles, we are offering homeowners peace of mind with RunTru products that are tested and backed by Trane, America’s Most Trusted HVAC Brand.

What are you offering contractors?

A product that is assembled and tested in the U.S., that’s dependable, easy to install and has a great no-registration warranty. So, whether they are replacing existing heating and cooling equipment or installing a new system, there’s a RunTru to fit their customer’s needs—and budget.

My elevator pitch would be:

  • Easy-to-install, dependable products and solutions at competitive prices.
  • Trane-backed engineering excellence that fills a need for a dependable solution at an affordable price in the low-cost HVAC market.
  • A single-source solution for virtually every repair and replacement situation, with equipment and parts available through local Trane sales offices, distributors, and supply stores.

Would you share specifics about the Warranty?

Of course, we’re really excited about the introduction of our unique no-registration warranty. The end user will receive the full benefits of the limited manufacturer’s parts warranty, without the need for them or their contractor to register the product. The coverage begins on the date of install. It’s subject to the full warranty term, and it stays with the unit or home versus the purchaser.

What is the warranty?

It offers 20 years on the gas heat exchanger, and 10 years on the compressor and coil on the indoor and outdoor units, along with a five-year functional parts warranty. So there are three aspects of the warranty, and we find it is extremely competitive within the industry.

What type of training will contractors need to install and service RunTru?

Very little. RunTru products are smaller and easier to handle than traditional units. They provide simple refrigerants and electrical connections, which really do make installation quick and easy. Additionally, our indoor units, have the ability to be multi-positioned so they’re easily configured in the field for whatever airflow direction is needed for the application. This means fewer inventory concerns or units on a truck to meet different needs.

What will contractors need to know about parts and service?

Most of the replacement parts needed for RunTru are interchangeable with existing Trane replacement parts, so those dealers who are familiar with Trane and our existing products will be ahead of the curve and much further along in understanding how easy it is to install the product. Anybody else can learn from available videos, tutorials, and more to help with the training process which should be minimal.

Where can contractors go to get more information about RunTru? There they can learn more and engage directly with the brand, by simply clicking on the “Contact Us” tab. We’d be happy to provide them with all the support they need.


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