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Refresh Your Social Media Presence

Originally published: 12.01.17 by Ben Hubbert

Refresh Your Social Media Presence

Stand out in the clutter and keep your audience’s attention by blending platforms.


It’s likely that by this point in online history, your company has a presence on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are imperative in today’s business world. With so many channels to choose from, selecting them strategically is important.

At Champion AC, we have long used social media to communicate with our audiences. But increasing social media platforms and exorbitant amounts of content compound these challenges. Standing out i the clutter and keeping your audience’s attention is ever challenging.

Using one social media platform may be effective, but using two or three that complement each other is better. Here are a couple of ways to blend social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook’s active audience skews older, while younger demos prefer Snapchat and Instagram. Look at the three platforms you think would bring you the most bang for your buck. We use Facebook and Twitter primarily.

This has worked best for us, with a focus on each platform to engage and educate. Specifically, we use the platforms in the following ways.

Through our Facebook page, we share specials. We showcase the culture of our team and office environment. We post educational blogs on AC systems, tips/tricks and allergy information.

We also host special giveaways to get our Facebook users excited and engaged. We also use some of Facebook’s newer features like Cover Videos (as opposed to Cover Photos).

On Twitter, we share blogs and use key terms and phrases to connect with potential customers. We also re-share allergy and meteorology content from our local meteorologists.

So much of the HVACR industry is weather-related, and weather is often more popular to talk about than air conditioners. This provides us another opportunity to engage with users and create relationships.

Facebook and Instagram

If your target audience is a mixture of younger and older customers, consider blending Facebook and Instagram.

In the same capacity as above, you can use Facebook to educate and engage. Using video functions on Facebook is also helpful and significantly increases visibility.

Consider regularly posting to Facebook Live with tips and a plug to contact you for similar issues. Pre-recorded video footage is also great; both live and recorded videos tend to reach the highest number of viewers.

Remember, Facebook is the most static outlet, so much of what you put here can be viewed time and time again (but you still want to keep it fresh).

Meanwhile, you can also post Instagram videos that are live and viewable for 24 hours. Video catches eyes, and if you use it the right way, you can create opportunities to pull in more leads. People often watch these stories and live videos because they are distracted.

If you tag your company, location and other information, however, you create lasting connections. Instagram is completely visual, posting images that the user can relate to is key.

So what kind of pictures should you post? Common challenges and fixes with HVACR repair can be a great way to educate and connect on this platform.

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead to 2018, here are some social media insights that we have been considering to stay ahead of the curve.

Non-traditional ads are the way to go if your audience skews younger. As a Brookings study showed, 84 percent of Millennials do not trust traditional advertising. Use videos, how-tos or personal storytelling in Instagram or Facebook ads to gain trust.

Depending on the average age of your target demo, this may vary slightly. Create a prototype of what your key customer looks like — age, gender, education, interests and income level — and study each of your social media platforms to ensure you are specifically targeting your audience in a personal way.

Take advantage of the analytics provided by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can create an intricate target demographic with each ad you produce.

Transient video footage will become more popular, as it’s what initially catches the eye. Brands and companies will need to tell their story and make their pitch within six-second videos (yes, that is short!).

Because of the quick-moving nature of social media, videos that are popular one day are usually not top-of-mind by the next. That is why this type of content needs to be short, catchy and constant.

Smartphone and mobile focus is the way to go. There will be less interaction with traditional forms of advertising and communication. When people are seeking information, they ask their smartphone.

So, when they are looking for an HVACR company, this pattern will be no different. This is not to say that you can’t use other forms of advertising. Be cognizant of the return you get from things like print ads compared to smartphone clicks. Follow your leads.

A note about all of these functions, tips and trends — we do not do this all on our own. We have a company called Leadhub who manages our social media and helps to craft and curate content.

This enables us to have a daily presence that engages and educates our audience. If you do not have the time or skill set to give social media the attention it needs, consider a third party that understands your audience.

Get in the social media game. It’s not too late, but if you keep waiting, it will be. Your audience is waiting for you.



About Ben Hubbert

Ben Hubbert

Ben Hubbert, co-owner of Champion AC, is a former member of Special Operations in the Air Force (Combat Control) who’s now committed to helping the San Antonio community reduce its demands on the energy grid. Ben is a firm believer in education and constantly teaches new customer service approaches and techniques. Visit for additional information.


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