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Protect and Enhance Your Brand with Fleet Tracking Software

Originally published: 06.01.17 by Jenny Malcolm

Protect and Enhance Your Brand with Fleet Tracking Software

Building a positive brand image is crucial aspect of marketing for most HVACR businesses. It’s how your customers recognize and remember you.

Did you know that 90 percent of people’s first impressions never change? That’s why, along with ensuring your brand is recognized for the right reasons, it’s also important to avoid getting noticed for the wrong ones.

As a mobile business, your vehicles are driving billboards.

If your drivers are being reckless on the road or using company vehicles where and when they shouldn’t be, that is the imprssion that will stick.

Do you know how your drivers are representing your brand to the community? Many HVACR businesses are turning to fleet tracking software for tangible answers and are using the findings to protect and enhance their brand.

Our truck was where now?

Some HVACR businesses have their drivers take company trucks home and dispatch them straight to the job. It’s an efficient practice! However, if vehicles are used when or where they shouldn’t be during non-working hours it can represent your brand negatively.  

Do you want your vehicles spotted towing a boat to the lake, running personal errands like going to the gym, or spending time at seedy locations? It happens more than you would think. Unauthorized usage not only wastes company fuel, it gives your business the wrong kind of attention. To avoid getting noticed for the wrong reasons, you can use fleet tracking software to let you know when any of your company vehicles are going places they shouldn’t and moving during non-working hours. 

How’s my driving?

Is your main form of feedback a “How’s My Driving?” sticker on the back of your trucks?

It’s recommended that you not solely rely on these bumper stickers because there is a more effective tool available to measure driving performance.

Why it’s time to ditch the sticker for technology:

  • The complaints that come in may not always be accurate. Your company could be mistaken for another company’s vehicle.
  • The public may not call in because they don’t want to get someone into trouble.
  • There is not a lot of constructive feedback you can implement because you may not be able to determine who was driving.

Don’t take someone else’s word for it about your drivers’ behavior! Fleet tracking software will allow you to know for sure by monitoring speeding, idle time, fast acceleration, harsh braking, windshield time, stops, and more.

It isn’t easy being green.

Green initiatives are becoming more important to brand image for mobile workforces. Given the nature of the business, there can be an immensely negative impact to the environment if excessive idle time, route efficiency, or regular maintenance are not monitored and managed in the most efficient way.

Take a step in the right direction by using vehicle fleet tracking software to implement a fleetwide sustainability initiative. The planet will thank you for it and your customers will be happy too! As you track your progress through the software, you will be amazed how much fuel is wasted from vehicle idling alone. You can incorporate the results into your company’s advertising. You may even earn awards for your company’s contribution to the environment. Several GPS Insight customers have received recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their eco-friendly efforts.

The power of a positive customer experience.

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, news of a bad customer experience reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience. In today’s technology-driven society, more specifically with the rise of customer review websites, HVACR businesses need to be both diligent and consistent with their customer experience to avoid negative attention online. One of the major benefits of fleet tracking software is that it can help improve customer satisfaction!

3 tips to enhance customer experience with fleet tracking software:  

  • Add a customer map to your website displaying your vehicle locations. It will let your customers see where you drivers are in real-time.
  • Don’t leave your customer guessing when your driver will arrive. Improve dispatch by gaining visibility over locations and give your customers precise ETAs. If a driver is running behind, call your customers to let them know. It shows you value their time and they will appreciate it!
  • Accurate billing is important to your company’s reputation and cash flow! GPS locations will allow you to track job completion and assure your customers that employees and equipment were on site when they were scheduled.

How important is it that the public has a positive opinion when they see your vehicles driving around the community? It’s crucial! It’s the difference between winning and losing customers. To ensure your business is recognized for the right reasons, use vehicle fleet tracking software to enhance and protect your brand. 



About Jenny Malcolm

Jenny Malcolm


 Jenny is the Content Marketing Specialist for GPS Insight. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s of Communication and is responsible for external marketing communication for all business segments that GPS Insight targets. For additional information, visit


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Protect and Enhance Your Brand with Fleet Tracking Software

Did you know that 90 percent of people’s first impressions never change? That’s why, along with ensuring your brand is recognized for the right reasons, it’s also important to avoid getting noticed for the wrong ones. As a mobile business, your vehicles are driving billboards.
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