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Turn Up the Heat on Your Marketing with Scorpion’s Tools & Tech

Real Growth For Companies Just Like You. You Handle Your Business, We’ll Handle The Marketing

Originally published
Originally published: 7/5/2022

Growing and maintaining a business is tough. What can be even harder? Understanding how to handle your marketing. Would we go as far as to say it’s a dirty job ala, Mike Rowe? Definitely! But not in the sense you’re gonna be crawling around old air ducts in a 100-degree attic. Marketing provides its own obstacles, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, or worse, you’re not doing anything, your business won’t succeed. Scorpion provides you with the tools and people you need to drive results you can see. We help you understand your ideal customer, develop a plan to connect with them through marketing and technology, and, in the end, drive more business and revenue. 

So what can Scorpion do for you? We’re glad you’ve asked. 

Website Management

Businesses, even HVAC ones, can’t grow without an online presence. And your business needs to live on a website. With Scorpion, we not only build your website, we also maintain it. That means you don’t have to learn to code, become a web designer, or dive into the world of copywriting. 

Customer Care 

With more and more potential customers preferring to communicate quickly and efficiently, having technology such as live chat on your site, click-to-call options, and a mobile app, is crucial. Scorpion makes it easy to be connected, and more importantly, stay connected. 

Data Analytics

Understanding your business data can be a scary concept right? Not anymore. With Scorpion’s dashboard software, we make it easy to understand where your customers are, how your business is growing, and if marketing strategies are working. A hands-off attitude doesn’t mean you’ll be kept in the dark. 

Don’t Take Our Word for It, Take Theirs

“Some of these other marketing companies—they just weren’t honest. They wouldn’t tell me how they got their leads, and the leads they got me were always lousy.”

Bill Gray, Founder of Atlantic Coast Appliance

“Your company and the people that work there have unlocked the mystery that I have struggled to get under control for many years. You guys have figured it out. I wish I had met you 10 years earlier.”

Tim Flynn, Owner of Winters Home Services

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