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Listen and Learn with Podcasts

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Originally published: 9/1/2019

I used to listen to music when I’d run. Many runners do. But I can only listen to the same playlist for so long. Sure, I’ve reworked my playlist many times, adding new songs in with my favorites, but it still gets tired after a while.

I’ve tried running without headphones, and sometimes that’s nice ... outside, enjoying the world around me as I log miles. Honestly, though, it helps to have a distraction — especially on longer runs.

A few years ago, I tried something new and downloaded a podcast to listen to on my run. Let me tell you, that was a big game changer. It started out as a different form of entertainment for me than music. I’d listen to a lively interview or even a fascinating story.

As I’d exhausted a couple of the favorite podcasts I’d found, I decided I wanted more. There is no shortage of podcasts out there. It can be a bit overwhelming, honestly, sorting through the myriad topics and choosing one.

As entertaining as the podcasts I was listening to were, I always seemed to learn something new and interesting. I then began to look for more educational podcasts, not simply to listen to on my runs, but also while driving in the car or traveling on a plane.

I’m a big believer in always learning. You can never know all there is to know. Podcasts are a great way to continue learning while you do something else.

I’m not alone. Many people use podcasts to supplement their knowledge base, including a lot of contractors with whom I’ve spoken. With crazy work schedules, spending time with family and friends — maybe even running or working out — there’s not a lot of time to spend sitting and reading.

Remember when Zig Zigler coined the phrase, “Windshield University,” which describes the learning experience one can have as they drive around in their cars listening to books on tape? The wealth of information available on podcasts has taken Windshield University curriculum to a new level.

Listening to a business podcast during your commute is a fantastic way to learn something new while you’re on the go. But where do you start? To this day, I still ask for podcast recommendations from friends.

Say you want to listen to a podcast that will help you with your business. Do a quick Google search for “Business Podcasts” and you’ll end up with many articles and lists to help you choose the right one.

Entrepreneurs on Fire is an award-winning podcast that was founded and presented by John Lee Dumas. The podcast features John interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve a seamless journey to business success.

The Art of Hustle podcast is an informative platform for entrepreneurs and marketers. This popular business podcast was founded by Anthem Salgado, a small business coach and marketing specialist. Each episode provides business advice and training designed to “untangle your to-do list and clear a pathway for new forward movement.”

Rise and Grind is hosted by Shark Tank presenter Daymond John, one of the most prominent names in America’s business landscape today. Each podcast sees John interview leading business figures on issues related to productivity, power and performance.

Mixery is a popular business podcast hosted by successful business owner and entrepreneur Andrew Warner. Each episode focuses on different aspects of running a business, from starting a venture to finding a sustainable, purpose-built business. Each episode features a successful and inspiring entrepreneur.

And, if you want something that hits a little closer to home, then you should absolutely check out Contractor Cents.

In each episode, longtime HVACR Business columnist and industry consultant Ruth King helps you discover ideas, tactics, news and information that matters to your contracting business and you. Just as she does in your monthly column, Ruth’s podcast promises to help you increase productivity, profitability, customer and employee satisfaction.

Shameless Plug: Now that you know what a fan I am of podcasts, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Ruth asked me to be a guest on Contractor Cents recently.

Usually, I’m the one who does the interviews, but Ruth turned the table on me and we had a great discussion on the latest industry trends. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend checking out not just that episode, but also the entire Contractor Cents library.

Now, get busy listening and learn something new.


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