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Jobber Adds Two-Way Text Messaging

TORONTO — Jobber announced the availability of two-way text messaging within its platform. The new feature enables service professionals, such as landscapers, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and more, to stay better connected with their clients, respond to leads faster, and improve customer satisfaction.

“Home service professionals work in industries that are centered around creating relationships and loyalty with customers,” said Sam Pillar, CEO and co-founder at Jobber. “Meeting and exceeding homeowner expectations is key to developing customers for life. With two-way text messaging, service providers are able to offer a real-time communication option that’s fast and convenient — giving small businesses another way to stand out from competitors and be more successful.”

Two-way text messaging joins Jobber’s suite of customer communication tools that are designed to help service providers keep their clients in the loop at key points before, during, and after a job is complete. Through these tools, service providers can customize and automate text and email communications such as invoice and quote follow-ups, appointment reminders, “on my way” messages, and client follow-ups for reviews and feedback. Now with two-way text messaging, Jobber customers can receive replies back on automated notifications and communicate with their clients instantly.

A Jobber-commissioned survey of 1,400+ U.S. homeowners (age 18+) shows that two-way texting is a communication method preferred by respondents. Key findings in the study include:

Homeowners Value Texting as an Option — Especially Millennials

Overall, 58 percent of homeowners feel it is important to be able to text a home service business. This sentiment is especially true among 24-34 year-olds, with 84 percent of respondents agreeing that this is important.

Fast Response Times

Fast response times ranks as the top benefit of being able to text home service professionals. In addition, 32 percent of homeowners state that texting is the preferred notification method when a home service professional is running late. When asked how long it takes to receive a reply from a home service provider via text, 58 percent say within an hour.

Overall, 82 percent receive a response within a few hours. Quicker communication is beneficial to home service companies that are having difficulty receiving responses from homeowners or are experiencing long delays in receiving replies.

Record of Conversations

With text messaging, home service companies don’t have to solely rely on emails that may end up in a client’s spam folder or in multiple threads that can get lost. Texting provides a reliable communication stream that creates a statement of record with customers. This benefit isn’t only valuable for businesses, but is ranked by homeowners as the second highest benefit of being able to text home service professionals.