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Increase Revenue & Build Consumer Trust

Originally published: 09.01.21 by Gene LaNois

How to enter the smart home market efficiently, effectively and easily.

The latest craze among homeowners — and the biggest business opportunity for HVACR contractors — is the rise of smart homes. Smart homes are meant to simplify the lives of their occupants. 

Smart devices within these homes have integrations or API’s that allow them to  interact with one another in many cases, allowing residents to live life automatically with an integrated ecosystem that is easy to use. 

The smart home market is ripe with opportunity for HVAC contractors and one of the easiest ways to enter is through solutions developed by Nest Labs back in 2011 which is part of Google since 2014.

Open the Door to Smart Homes

Traditionally, homeowners haven’t been too concerned with the thermostats their HVACR contractors install. Some asked if they could hide it in a closet because of the aesthetics, but now many are displaying their connected technology with pride and prestige. 

Thermostats are straightforward — a homeowner selects heating or cooling, sets the desired indoor temperature and the thermostat does the rest, switching on and off based on the temperature of the space.

This technology allowed homeowners the potential to save energy — and offered HVACR contractors an upsell and an opportunity to discuss energy consumption and efficiency with their customers.

Today, HVACR contractors are poised to further that discussion and gain further trust and business opportunity from customers with the advent of smart home technology, with none of the technology being a “business leap” for them. The products are simple to install, utilize the same 24 volts the industry is used to and the thermostat is one of the most utilized entry points for the business. 

The Nest Learning Thermostat goes beyond simple temperature detection to impact your customer’s HVAC energy consumption. Today’s homeowners have complicated daily schedules, which make programming a thermostat for optimal energy saving nearly impossible. 

Help solve this problem. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself by learning your customer’s behavior patterns and desired temperatures for certain days and times during the week, and then builds a schedule for their HVACR system. 

Smart Technology for Smart Consumers

Your customers rely on you for their comfort needs — a comfortable home is a happy home. But today’s homeowner wants it all — comfort and energy savings. Thankfully, HVACR manufacturers continue to design systems that raise the bar on efficiency without a loss of functionality.

Your customers will love the Nest Learning Thermostat because it will save them energy — and they won’t have to do anything.

The Nest Learning Thermostat gets to know their schedules and the temperatures they prefer so it can program itself. It knows how long it takes for the home to adjust, depending on the temperature outside. When they’re away, the Nest Learning Thermostat turns itself down so they’re not heating an empty home.

Homeowners can see how much energy they use every day in their Energy History on the Nest app — as well as get tips and insights every month in their Home Report to help them save even more.

Grow with Nest Pro

The Nest Learning Thermostat was designed to be easy to install, but some homeowners don’t have the time or experience to install a thermostat themselves — and let’s be honest, some systems are best left to the professionals. 

As an HVACR contractor who wants to provide its customers with the best solutions for their comfort needs, you’re eligible to become a Nest Pro.

HVACR contractors who join the Nest Pro program get professional pricing and terms, exclusive training and tools, live VIP support and customer referrals to help your business grow.

As a Nest Certified Pro, you can choose to receive qualified customer leads directly from nest.com. And when you’re on an installation appointment, you can evaluate their system and offer maintenance, replacement and other services. 

Expand Your Business Potential

Google Nest is looking for the best installation professionals to join the Certified team. Become a member and we’ll help you stand out with premium marketing materials. Then we’ll give you expert selling tips and even customer leads. 

As you grow your business with Nest products , you’ll earn Nest Rewards that can help you keep expanding. The Nest Pros in our network are thrilled about the potential of Nest Pro to make their customers lives easier and help them save energy.

For additional information, visit g.co/nestpro.

Time is Money

Nest products are simple to install so you can get to your next job quickly. There are no separate gateways and no programming hassles. 

With Nest you’re building loyalty. The simple interface, iconic design and unique features help your customers fall in love with their Nest products. Every time they use their Nest Thermostat or Nest Protect they’ll remember you brought it to them, and they’ll tell friends about your service. 

And because Nest products are easy and intuitive to use, your customers get the most from their Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. 

Nest Pros also benefit from marketing support — Nest products are conversation pieces that do the marketing for you. You won’t just have satisfied customers, but enthusiastic ones. 

By offering Nest products you’ll attract high-end customers who want the latest technology and desire the quality of a professional installation. They’re also more likely to buy high efficiency and air quality equipment.  


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