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Guidelines for Sending Electronic Files


HVACR Business uses computer-to-plate technology for all printed material. When sending digital files, please use the following specifications/instructions:

1. Platform:

Macintosh or PC accepted

2. Files Accepted:

 PDF/X, PDF (Prepress high resolution), or Postscript files. All PDF/X files should be verified by the DDAP Verifier program. Instructions for creating Postscript or PDF files are available on this Web site. You can access them by selecting Creating Postscript or Creating PDF files or from the list of options in the upper left-hand corner.For information on other file formats or information about Verifier programs, please visit the DDAP Web site.

3. Color:

 Please send all files in CMYK mode unless a Pantone color is running. RGB files must be converted to CMYK. Please indicate all colors, including Pantone colors, on the checklist. Do not embed CIE Lab color or ICC profiles in your files. They will NOT Rip correctly.

4. Embedded Images:

 The MINIMUM resolution requirements are 300dpi for full-color artwork or grayscale artwork and 1200dpi for Bitmap (black & white line art). Images and logos from Web sites are NOT usable for print ads.

5. Proof:

SWOP-certified proofs for all ads must be provided. For a complete list of SWOP-certified proofs please visit HVACR Business will not be held liable for the reproduction of any ad submitted without a SWOP-certified proof.

6. Electronic File Transfer:

You may submit electronic files via the website. When submitting files via the website, a SWOP-certified proof must be mailed.

7. Storage:

HVACR Business does not keep a copy of electronic files. Advertisers must retain the original copy.

For any technical questions please call the art director at 440-471-7810.