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Angie Snow: Balance and Teamwork

Originally published: 04.01.18 by Pete Grasso

Angie Snow: Balance and Teamwork

Angie Snow had a rewarding career as a teacher when her husband Ryan was presented with an opportunity to purchase an HVACR company after having spent 10 years in the industry as a technician and a general manger.

As expected, the Snows were apprehensive about venturing into unfamiliar territory — but then Ryan suggested Angie join him in this opportunity and run the business together.

“When we started in with four employees, I took a supportive, clerical role,” Angie remembers. “As our business began to grow, I embraced my position as vice president nd began to build an office team.”

Today, Ryan and Angie are co-owners of Western Heating & Air Conditioning in Orem, Utah, a company which now has 30 employees and continues to grow. As vice president, Angie manages the office staff, human resources, marketing and accounting — with a keen focus on business development, always looking for ways to best serve her customers and employees.

Since they purchased the company in October 2007, it has quadrupled in revenue. Angie credits this growth to her and Ryan’s ability to keep a steady focus on developing people, processes and a strong culture.

“My management experience really came from developing this business,” Angie says. “I enjoy creating systems and processes to help my team become more efficient, more effective and more successful. I love developing leaders and teams!”

Angie Snow

Title: Co-owner & Vice President

Company:Western Heating &

Air Conditioning


Year Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Orem, Utah

Work Performed: Residential & Commercial Service, Maintenance and Installation

No. of Employees: 30

Annual Revenue: $4 million

Vendor-Partners: Bryant, Trane, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Frigidaire, AO Smith, American Standard, Aprilaire, Honeywell

Affiliations: Service Nation Alliance, Rocky Mountain Gas Association, Women in HVACR, Service Roundtable, Home Comfort Advisor

Certifications: North American Technician Excellence, RMGA, EPA

Husband and wife teams in this industry aren’t all that uncommon, but the Snows have taken it to a new level. They have a strong partnership with clearly defined roles, each using his or her strengths to create a successful company.

In fact, Ryan and Angie shared their thoughts on creating a prosperous partnership to a packed room this past fall at Service World Expo.

Beyond her busy schedule helping her husband grow their business, Angie is a mother of four children who are actively involved in sports and dance. She is also currently serving on the Board of Directors for Home Comfort Advisor as well as on the Executive Board of Directors for Women in HVACR.

“I have a strong desire to improve and give back to the industry and open the doors for women in this industry,” she says. “I also love the opportunity I have to learn from other contractors, consultants and experts, and then implement them into my business and see successful results.”

Something else that makes Western unique is the company’s commitment to recruiting and hiring female technicians and sales staff — something Angie has spearheaded almost from the beginning.

“We’re also strong supporters of the Emily Effect, a non-profit foundation that supports new mothers suffering with peri-natal mood disorders and post partum depression,” Angie says. “We’ve wrapped several of our vehicles to support the Emily Effect and donate a portion of our revenue to their foundation.”

Throughout the years, as Western has grown and Angie’s responsibilities within the company have grown, she has had to face the same difficult challenge many owners face: letting go.

“There are so many aspects of the business that I’m fascinated with, and I want to be involved in a lot of it,” Angie says. “But I’ve learned that in order to grow, I must be willing to delegate, train and empower my team to do these tasks.”

Perhaps it’s her roots as a teacher that has allowed her to excel at training and developing leaders within the company. Certainly, that teaching background combined with her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to give back has led to her latest business venture.

As a coach, presenter and mentor through her consulting company, Snow Business Coaching, Angie enjoys helping her clients — both in and out of the HVACR industry — find a balance between home and business, all while reaching their business goals.

“We want all business owners everywhere to learn the unique strategy we’ve developed to identify individual values, set the right kind of goals, take action at the right time, and easily track progress with strong accountability,” she says.



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