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Leading the Way to a Higher Standard of Indoor Comfort

Originally published: 10.01.20 by HVACR Business Staff

Leading the Way to a Higher Standard of Indoor Comfort

1. What’s the most important element of home comfort to homeowners?

Our industry sits at the center of whole-home comfort. Comfort is defined by how customers feel in their space. It means their air is not only at the perfect temperature, but also is fresh and clean. Consumers have become savvier about indoor air quality (IAQ) and how that impacts their health and daily living.

They turn to HVAC specialists as resources to evaluate current conditions and seek out new solutions. This presents an opportunity for our dealers to establish trusted relationships with custoers by providing dependable and realistic recommendations that create comfort, peace of mind and instill confidence in their investment. Customers have better problems to deal with than worrying about home comfort.

2. How does American Standard address home comfort needs through its solutions?

It’s not a one size fits all approach. We know every home environment is different, so we’ve spent over a century creating a variety of reliable heating and cooling systems that homeowners can count on. In doing so, we’ve been able to support the reputation and relationships our dealers have established with their customers. We want them to know when they recommend American Standard solutions that they’re recommending a best-in-class system that works smarter and will offer a customized experience based on unique home environments and comfort needs.

Kathryn Wildrick
Brand Manager
American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

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3. Dealers face many business challenges including sales and customer services. How does American Standard help those within its network make the process more seamless and worry-free?

Dealers understand that most of the time that when homeowners call them, the customer already has a problem, like their system isn’t functioning, heating or cooling has been lost or they’re experiencing some other issue. Regardless of the problem, the customer is worried by the unknown. So, when a customer requires a service call they expect an honest evaluation of the problem and a solution that fits their budget. That’s why we encourage our dealers to be straightforward and thoughtful with their questioning and advice because that guidance is what builds customer trust.

We’ve developed many courses and training programs to help dealers understand the sales process and learn how to take a more consultative, personalized approach with each customer.

4. What does ‘Better Problems’ mean to the American Standard brand and to the dealers within the American Standard network?

In our minds, it’s about doing it right the first time. When a system is installed correctly and the customer never has to think about it again, then it’s a job well done. That’s what we mean by ‘Better Problems;’ the HVAC system becomes one less thing a customer needs to worry about.

For the dealers that align with our values of maintaining the utmost integrity in everything they do, they personify this feeling of ‘Better Problems’ because they are offering best-in-class service and equipment that customers can rely on.

5. How can a dealer sell ‘peace of mind’ and ‘better problems’ so customers have a better experience?

By simply being honest and straightforward. HVAC shouldn’t be a complex experience. It’s about delivering real value to our customers by providing them with industry-leading products and services and committing to the highest level of technical skill.

6. What kind of training does American Standard provide to dealers to ensure the installation is equal to the quality of equipment and brand experience?

We have a wide range of technical courses and videos focused on all of our products tailored to what both the business owner and service technician need. Digital courses are available 24/7 at no cost. Our technical training focuses on topics like HVAC basics, core principles of HVAC, air flow, zoning, motors and more. Our Field Tech Help videos were designed with the technician in mind. They are usually less than 5 minutes long and are available without a login. This allows a tech to quickly search for the problem they are experiencing and find the solution while still on the job. On the business management side, we seek to support customer service, business development, sales and other areas that will help our dealers grow and maintain their companies.

7. Knowing IAQ is an increasing concern for many homeowners right now, how is American Standard training dealers differently this year to provide customers with the right support and products?

We have the opportunity to advise customers on ways they can improve their IAQ and assist them in developing personalized solutions to meet their unique needs. This starts with our dealers being armed with the latest information and statistics to make recommendations that are backed by proven methods for improving the health of indoor spaces.

We have information that we’ve developed specifically around IAQ opportunities. We guide our dealers to understand the value of our whole-home air cleaner, the AccuClean. We can teach them how to ask the right questions to match the right solution to the customer’s unique needs.

8. How can dealers highlight ‘Better Problems’ as a benefit to their customers when making recommendations?

‘Better Problems’ is about holding yourself to a higher standard to provide an unparalleled experience to customers. From being more proactive about setting up seasonal maintenance contracts to leveraging newer tools like remote diagnostics, always put the customer first. At the end of the day, if your business plays a critical role in maintaining comfort, then you can create customers for life by putting quality service first.


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