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A Lot to Look Forward To

Originally published: 09.01.14 by Pete Grasso

A Lot to Look Forward To

It’s been a busy few months around here. As summer winds down, it signals the beginning not of the New Year, but of planning for the New Year. Yes, I know it’s only September, but if you’re not already thinking about 2015, you’d better start.

It’s a good idea to sit down every year and review your business plan and evaluate what’s working, and what isn’t. It’s also a good time to think about what new programs you’d like to implement in the new year.

We’ve been going through that process ourselves, and I can tell you, we’ve got a lot of new and exciting things in store for you next year.

One thing you can look forward to is a new eNewsletter — The Market Watch Sneak Preview. Many of our savvy readers have enjoyed Margot Crabtree’s HVACR Business Stock Index, which we launched in the magazine this past January, and are eager to check the markets as soon as possible.

When you subscribe to our new Market Watch Sneak Preview eNewsletter, we’ll deliver the stock index, along with the latest AHRI shipping statistics, right to your email up to two weeks before the magazine is mailed.

Head over to the Subscription Center to opt in to this new eNewsletter.

Speaking of, not everything new has to wait until 2015. If you’ve been on our website lately, you’ve surely noticed some changes. As an extension of this magazine, provides the same quality business management information you expect in these pages each month.

With its new design and better functionality, it’s now easier to access our library of quality content. As you’ll see on the new homepage, articles are categorized into nine business management categories: sales & marketing, management, leadership, finance, strategy, training & education, legal, communication and staffing & HR.

In addition, there are categories for the Publisher’s Page, as well as 20 Questions, where you can find all the articles from the past 8 1/2 years. Our monthly feature story is also prominently featured at the top of the page, with links to our digital edition.

Of course, our extensive archives aren’t the only reason to head over to our website. Stay up to date with what’s going on in the industry when you check out the HVACR News section (and subscribe to the RSS feed to really stay on top), or find information on some of the latest and greatest products and apps the industry has to offer.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out our Web Exclusives — business management content that’s only available on our website.

A New Resource!

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting change on is the addition of my new blog, Keeping it Simple.

I love blogging. I’m not going to lie — I get such pleasure out of the convenience of being able to write and quickly publish my thoughts on any given topic for the whole world to see.

The ability to blog opens up a whole new world for would-be writers, self-proclaimed experts and people with strong opinions. Whatever you’re thinking — whatever you can type — with the click of a mouse, the whole world can see.

Blogging is a good thing. Done right, blogging can be a useful tool for your business. Much can be said about the correlation between a properly maintained blog and a company’s website search engine optimization (SEO).

Connecting with your customers — and potential customers — through a blog (and other social networking) is an excellent way of communicating.

Through my new blog, Keeping it Simple, I’ll share my views and insights into the issues facing the HVACR industry. I’ll post links to helpful and insightful articles, helping you navigate the Web for the best of the best in business management advice. And, I’ll highlight some best practices for HVACR owners and managers, to help you run your business most effectively.

Finally, I’ll use my blog to engage with the industry — and that’s where you come in. I invite you to not only check out my blog often, but to comment on it as well. The best part of any blog I’ve ever facilitated is the discussion that happens in the comments on each post.

I’ll post fresh content on Keeping it Simple on a regular basis, so you have no reason not to keep coming back. Go ahead, check it out at


About Pete Grasso

Pete is the former editor of HVACR Business magazine. He has spent his career working in and with trade media, both as a public relations practitioner and as an editor. He gained a great deal of expertise in the B2B arena, within large and medium sized advertising agencies. Be sure to follow Pete on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn!


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