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White-Rodgers Announces Emerson Inspire Thermostat System


White-Rodgers has added the Emerson Inspire Universal 4-Wire Thermostat System to its Emerson product line. The new model 1HDEZ-1521 will easily upgrade single stage applications to premium high-efficiency systems using the existing four wires and also provide several benefits to contractors that make installation, configuring and future servicing a snap, the company says.

“The lnspire thermostat is more than an attractive thermostat, it’s a Universal 4-Wire thermostat system,” said Geoff Godwin, White-Rodgers vice president of marketing services, Emerson Climate Technologies. “The thermostat features a very thin profile, sharp color display and interchangeable white and silver faceplates. The equipment control works on most HVAC systems up to 4 heat and 2 cool including heat pump with dual fuel. The installation process is simplified with Quick Connect terminals, color-coded LED prompts, and a reusable Plug-In Configuration Tool.”

The Configuration Tool in the kit allows contractors to complete all of the system wiring, configuration and system verification at the furnace, eliminating multiple trips up and down the stairs.

An added benefit to the homeowner and contractor is the USB port on the bottom of the thermostat. Simply plug-in a flash drive with a configuration and programming schedule from White-Rodgers that you set up at the office and the install is complete - and you can reuse the flash drive on your next job. In addition, you can schedule routine equipment service reminders with your contact information so the homeowner knows when and who to call for service.

For more information: www.white-rodgers.com


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