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Uniweld Releases Brazing Video


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A newly released video by Uniweld provides a visual comparison of the heat distribution coverage of a single flame tip compared to Uniweld’s MTF-5 Cap'n Hook multi-flame tip.

When brazing copper tubes in the HVACR industry, technicians often work on compact systems, so brazing with a single tip makes it difficult to achieve even heat distribution on the backside of a copper tube.

Costly refrigerant leaks may at times be attributed to the lack of proper heating during the brazing process. The inability to heat the tube properly on the backside deters the alloy from properly filling in the joint being brazed. Although it may appear visually that a joint is properly filled, when not properly heated, the slightest vibration can cause the filler joint to break lose and leak.

The patented Uniweld Cap'n Hook tips offer concentrated heat (up to 5600F). The 40F flame angle flows onto copper tubing and away from sensitive areas, thus minimizing the chances of burning adjacent components. As a result of the design, users get 100 percent wraparound for even heat distribution.

For additional information, visit www.uniweld.com.