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United CoolAir VariCool EZ-FIT Product Line


YORK, PA – United CoolAir Corporation (UCA) has reintroduced the VariCool EZ-FIT concept into a complete and well-defined product offering.

The VariCool EZ-Fit is a self-contained, modular air conditioning system for use with floor-by-floor variable air volume applications. It is designed and manufactured specifically for installation in renovation and retrofit projects and provides the ultimate all-indoor solution for challenging HVAC applications.

The VariCool EZ-Fit design consists of three distinct sections that easily mate to form a system module. The module consists of a fan section, evaporator coil section, and condensing section. Single modules are available in 12-15 ton and 20-25 ton sizes. Modules can be "ganged" together to form systems as large as 50 tons of cooling.  The availability for larger tonnage may be possible in the near future. 

Sections are assembled during manufacturing and evacuated, charged, tested, and then separated for shipment of individual sections. The use of resealable refrigerant fittings allow the unit to be shipped split without losing the refrigeration charge. The result is a lower total installed cost without any sacrifice of system reliability.

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