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Twin City Hose Completes UL Classification for Water Quality


ROGERS, Minn. —Twin City Hose has completed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Classification for water quality of its V and U shaped thermal/seismic metal expansion joints and straight flexible metal connectors. These UL Classified assemblies are fabricated domestically using only lead-free bronze, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel materials.

Twin City Hose’s UL Classification demonstrates compliance with the Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, which revised the definition for "lead free" in the Safe Drinking Water Act. This Federally mandated act came into effect January 4th, 2014, and is in alliance with NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 standards. This legislation regulates the maximum allowable contaminant level of lead within potable water piping systems. These products include plumbing hose and fitting assemblies that come into contact with potable water and appliances that provide water for drinking or utilize water in generating beverage or food products.

"Twin City Hose is committed to fabricating safe and reliable products that meet the terms of government regulations," said Michael Lowe, president of Twin City Hose. "We understand the safety concerns and need for classified lead-free hose assemblies and will work closely with the UL organization to ensure that we are in complete compliance in our commitment to manufacture lead-free."

For additional information, visit www.twincityhose.com.