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Troops to Trades Launches Enhanced Web Tool to Help Contractros Recruit Veterans

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Troops to Trades, a non-profit scholarship and career assistance program, has launched an enhanced web tool to help business contractors recruit veterans. 
"Veterans have the skills and training required by contractors in the residential PHCE service industries," said Renée Cardarelle, executive director of Troops to Trades. "Military trained workers are highly accountable and respect rules and procedures. Furthermore, they are sincere and trustworthy, qualities that are of immense value in our industries."
Veterans will use the new website tools to learn about careers in the trades, apply for all-expense-paid training grants and scholarships and connect with service industry businesses, through the Business Network. Businesses can be featured as a veteran friendly employer who is interested in helping veterans find careers. 
Troops to Trades is a program of the Nexstar Legacy Foundation, a resource in the PHCE industry for information on careers and training, as well as a source of financial aid. In its first year, the program successfully connected more than a dozen veterans with PHCE businesses and provided over $25,000 in training grants.

For additional information, visit www.troopstotrades.org.