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Troops to Trades Launches Veterans’ Business Network


MINNEAPOLIS — Troops to Trades, a Nexstar Legacy Foundation program, announced the launch of its Veterans’ Business Network. This network provides veterans, Reserve and National Guard Members with direct connections to plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical (PHCE) service businesses looking to hire.

Businesses listed with the Business Network have agreed they are actively looking to hire veterans, Reserve and National Guard members and are willing to help navigate the complexities of finding a job in the trades. There are currently 136 businesses across the U.S., as well as two outside the country, that are part of the network. “We are actively recruiting businesses to be a part of the network. Our goal is to recruit thousands of veterans, Reserve or National Guard members into the PHCE service industry,” states Renée Cardarelle, Executive Director of the program.

The PHCE service industry is facing a severe shortage of qualified technicians. With 60% of the current workforce leaving the industry and only 6% of high school students considering a career in the trades, there is a looming crisis.

Veterans, Reserve and National Guard members can access the Business Network by visiting http://www.troopstotrades.org/for-veterans/business-network/. There they will find business names and contact information. Troops to Trades also provides training grants and scholarships to veterans interested in the PHCE service industry. For more information visit www.troopstotrades.org.

Service industry businesses who wish to become a part of the Business Network can visit http://www.troopstotrades.org/support-us/join-our-business-network/, review the guidelines and submit their request to be a part of the program.

Troops to Trades is a program of The Nexstar Legacy Foundation which is dedicated to attracting talented individuals to the heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical industries, by inspiring these people to discover the prestige, earning power and stability of careers in these fields. The foundation accomplishes this by being the leading resource for information on careers and training, as well as a source of financial aid.

For additional information, visit www.nexstarfoundation.org.