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Triatek Recognized as Georgia Small Business Rock Star


ATLANTA — Triatek was recognized by the state of Georgia as a "Small Business Rock Star" at a luncheon hosted by the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) and the Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA).

"Georgia’s small businesses have a big impact in every corner of our state," said GDEcD Commissioner Chris Carr. "This is an opportunity to put a spotlight on Georgia’s small businesses and in particular, highlight some of our fastest growing small businesses through our new ‘Small Business Rock Stars’ program."

Six Georgia small businesses were honored for being outstanding, unique, and impactful in their community. Winners included Guardian Centers, Savannah Bee Company, Water Shadow Enterprises, LLC (Triatek is a subsidiary), Aventure Aviation, Madjax and TSAV.

"Small business is key to the good health of Georgia’s quality business environment. It is these same small businesses that account for many of the jobs created in our great state," said Kevin Shea, president of Georgia Economic Developers Association. "GEDA welcomes this opportunity to join the Georgia Department of Economic Development to shine the spotlight on these very deserving small businesses."

Nearly 98 percent of Georgia’s businesses employ fewer than 100 with more than 700,000 registered businesses in the state. Additionally, almost 95 percent of Georgia companies employ fewer than 50. The state of Georgia has been ranked in the top 10 best U.S. states to start a business by Entrepreneur.com and has been cited for its "small business friendliness" from a survey done by the Kauffman Foundation.

For additional information, visit www.triatek.com.