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Tjernlund Radon Mitigation Products

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Tjernlund Radon Mitigation Products

Tjernlund radon mitigation products include a complete line of radon-reducing fans offered within easy reach of contractors through the company’s extensive nationwide network of HVACR, industrial supply and plumbing distributors. 

Radon is a radioactive gas residing in the ground that enters homes causing more than 20,000 deaths annually according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using fans to exhaust radon laden air is the most common mitigation technique.

Tjernlund’s radon mitigation product line includes the following:

  • Radon Vac Side Wall Vent ASD (Active Sub-Slab Depressurization) System that is designed to save material costs, reduce installation labor by over 50 percent and eliminate installation of PVC piping on the home exterior.
  • P-Series High Performance In-Line Fans for roof terminated ASD systems feature high pressure air handling performance with low noise and low power usage.
  • 16 Watt 4" Booster Fan In-Line Fan for roof terminated ASD systems improves the performance of passive radon exhaust stacks easily and inexpensively.
  • RX2 Ventilator Basement and non-ventilated Crawl Space Fan can be set to exhaust radon laden air, supply fresh air, or positioned with one fan in each direction for a balanced air exchange.
  • RV2 Ventilator

    Crawl Space Fan exhausts radon and other harmful soil gases and allows fresh outdoor air to replace them.
  • Universal Fan Failure Alarm alerts the homeowner of a fan failure or ice blockage.
  • Radon monitor and alarm continuously monitors for radon gas and displays current average radon level.


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