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Tjernlund Introduces Cool Breeze Garage Fan


WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN — The Cool Breeze Garage Fan, recently introduced by Tjernlund Products, provides air circulation to dramatically reduce the temperature throughout the interior of attached garages.

Mounted between the ceiling joists, the Cool Breeze fan pulls hot air from the garage ceiling and exhausts it into the garage attic space, where it exits out the ridge, roof or gable vents. Outdoor air replaces the hot exhaust to lower air temperatures and reduce the thermal heat gain of the floor, structure and contents.

The Cool Breeze fan has a 16-inch wide intake plenum made of 22-gauge steel and is twice as powerful as similar garage fans currently on the market, according to Tjernlund. Its efficient 1200 CFM motor produces multiple air exchanges per hour, resulting in a dramatically cooler garage.

The Cool Breeze fan has an automatic fire damper for building code compliance and comes with ceiling grille, two outdoor air intake grilles, adjustable thermostat for automatic operation, plus mounting hardware. Optional controls available from Tjernlund include a digital timer, wireless wall switch plus a remote control and adjustable dehumidistat.

Installation involves cutting a 16-inch square opening between joists in the ceiling and mounting the fan to the joists above the gypsum board ceiling using provided brackets. The fan is then wired to a 120-volt power source. A grille covers the ceiling opening and fan. Two additional grilles can be installed in an outside wall or in the garage door to supply outdoor make-up air for the exhaust fan.

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