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Tjernlund Balance Booster System

WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN – Tjernlund Products, Inc., is now offering an air transfer system designed to improve whole house comfort by pumping cool basement air through a duct to hot upper levels during the cooling season and warm upper level air down to chilly basements in the winter.

The heart of the Tjernlund “Balance Booster” system is the Reversible Transfer Fan, consisting of a high-performance fan and Easy Flip chassis that are installed in-line with a duct. The system requires installation of 4-inch metal or PVC duct (not included) from the basement to the upper level through an existing chase, backs of closets, framed and dry walled corners, exterior chases or other between-floor passageways. The special chassis permits airflow direction to be changed seasonally in a matter of seconds. The fan can be activated with a wireless remote from anywhere in the home.

According to Tjernlund, the Balance Booster helps to even out temperatures throughout the home at a fraction of the cost of operating spot heating or cooling equipment or adjusting the whole house thermostat.

The Balance Booster kit includes a high performance fan, Easy Flip reversing chassis, two 4-inch adjustable grilles, a plug-in wireless receiver and remote control, plus mounting hardware. Accessories available are a PVC coupler kit and plug-in speed control.

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