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Terry Nicholson is chief success officer and leading HVACR expert at PRAXIS S-10, the fastest growing success college for contractors. Visit praxiss10.com for additional information.

Articles by Terry Nicholson

Control Your Online Reputation

Eighty-six percent of consumers will decide against buying from you if they read negative reviews about you online.
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Do You Yelp?

If your choice is to encourage client reviews on Yelp, you’ll see the best results if you also train on when NOT to Yelp.
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What I Learned from a Showgirl

Even though your technicians are performing multiple shows a day (three to four service calls), does that equate to their practice as well? Should you take a lesson from a showgirl and role-play with your technicians to practice, improve your presentation, and continue working toward your goal of perfection?
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Become A Money Making Machine

Calculate your market share and generate more money in your business.
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