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Tecumseh Introduces Enhancements to Global Website


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Tecumseh Products Company customers now can access product information on www.tecumseh.com quicker and easier with the recent search functionality and performance data improvements.

Phase 2.0 improvements to the global website provide enhanced product information, including upgrades to the basic and advanced search tools, as well as access to product sales drawings and condensing unit performance data not previously accessible through the site.

“These site improvements greatly enhance information that is available to customers,” said Bill Merritt, Tecumseh vice president of global sales and marketing. “As part of our ongoing quest to be easier to do business with, we’ve simplified the product search function, while also upgrading the type and amount of performance and technical data we can deliver.”

The new product search enhancements include:

  • Combining Model Number/Bill of Material Number search functions, so that either number can be used to search for product information
  • Type-ahead search assistance to guide data input and deliver faster search results
  • Additional advanced search options for greater accuracy
  •  “One-click” access to compressor and condensing unit sales drawings
  •  “One-click” access to condensing unit performance data sheets

Tecumseh launched a consolidated website in 2011 which now offers global and regional content in seven languages. The site contains global content that is available to all users. However, locator software that is oriented to each user’s IP address provides the appropriate regional content. Region content includes specific products and services available to customer in eight distinct geographic regions.

For additional information, visit www.tecumseh.com.