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Tecumseh Releases AE2 Compressor to Wholesalers

Originally published: 12.21.12 by

Tecumseh Products Company has recently announced the availability of its AE2 compressor to North American authorized wholesalers. The AE2 has a 20 percent greater capacity range and a smaller size envelope, the company says. 

The AE2 compressor supports traditional HFC refrigerants R134a and R404A and has been optimized for use with hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 (propane).  Tecumseh’s AE2 compressor has been tested and approved by major commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturers across the globe, the company adds.

The AE2 is compatible with the legacy AE in terms of mounting footprint, physical size, electrical ratings and cooling capacity.  For this reason, the release of the initial models is being conducted as a “running change.”

The initial offering of AE2 wholesale compressors is comprised of nine models that are a match to legacy AE wholesale models.  All nine models are equipped with sweat connections where the suction and discharge tubes are oriented in the “Up” position.  All of the above mentioned AE2 compressors will be available in a single pack configuration and, selective models will be available as a pallet pack.

The same nine AE2 compressor models mentioned above will be integrated into Tecumseh’s

line of Celseon fractional horsepower air-cooled condensing units, as well as Evaporative Condensate (commonly referred to as “Grey Base” units) condensing units. This reduces the number of compressor models that wholesalers need to stock in order to cover their replacement needs.  Additional AE2 wholesale compressor models are in various stages of production release and details will be available in early 2013.

For more information: www.tecumseh.com

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