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Swift Hitch Camera Extension Pole


Newton, MA –Swift Hitch, the original wireless portable backup camera system, has announced the introduction of the Swift Hitch Camera Extension Pole to enhance usage of its versatile product.

The pole, which is made of stainless steel and is rust resistant, extends to five feet, is easily attached to the base of any Swift Hitch camera and features an adjustable camera angle. As an accessory, the pole can provide invaluable assistance with industrial, consumer or commercial inspections, allowing the Swift Hitch camera to view otherwise inaccessible areas such as crawlspaces and attics, over walls, under staircases, under foundations, porches, and more, while providing the user with a clear image on a hand-held monitor.

While originally created to allow users to execute easy hitching tasks, the Swift Hitch camera system with the extension pole can be utilized in numerous ways, including HVAC inspections.

There are currently two versions of Swift Hitch systems. The SH01 model features a camera with a four-hour built-in rechargeable battery, while the SH02 model offers a camera with a 10-hour built-in rechargeable battery. Both cameras have a magnetic base. Each system comes with a hand-held full color high definition monitor.
Swift Hitch has thousands of highly satisfied customers who have praised the product over the years. Larry Ryan of Ontario, Canada, described the product as "the Swiss Army Knife of back-up camera systems, I wouldn't be without it!"
The Swift Hitch camera systems range in price from $199 - $259. The Camera Extension Pole is $32.95.

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