SpacePak Unveils AirCell Hydronic HVAC Distribution System


WESTFIELD, MA – SpacePak has announced the introduction of AirCell, a new hydronic air handler for commercial and residential applications.

AirCell is a modular, compact, high-efficiency air handler that uses 30% less energy than traditional, fan-based HVAC systems. SpacePak's hydronic technology offers an environmentally friendly system that reduces the amount of CFCs used. Additonally, "micro-zone' design creates multiple, precise, self-controlled areas to reduce energy fuel usage.

The systems were designed by Mestek Inc., manufacturers of HVAC equipment and automated manufacturing machinery, based in Westfield, MA. John Baldasaro, director of sales for Mestek's Residential Comfort Group, explained that the SpacePak and AirCell systems offer an alternative to traditional systems that carry chemical refrigerants through the home.

"Hydronic systems are more environmentally friendly because water is a better conductor of energy than air, and AirCell allows for refrigeraqnts to remain outside the building, cooling or heating the water that ultimately travels through the system," Baldasaro said. He further noted that AirCell uses variable-speed fans and an integrated control system that automatically slows fan speeds during off-peak times, reducing overall energy use.

"This technology is a great alternative to large, open systems that typically result in increased energy usage and costs," Baldasaro added. "Coupled with flexible, two-inch ductwork, AirCell can be easilly installed into new constructions and is ideal for integration into existing buildings, removing the need for costly renovations."


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