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Service Hook Now Available for HVACR Contractors


DALLAS —  Service Hook is now available for the HVACR industry, aimed to assist contractors generate better leads, book more new appointments and pursue every opportunity.

Service Hook places a unique phone number in each of your listings, tracks all of your phone calls and then listens to every call to identify the best leads. Service Hook also evaluates how every call is handled. It automatically reaches out to struggling staff members with coaching tips so every call can become a booked appointment.

If your company needs a hand, Service Hook's team of trained professionals can even handle calls on behalf of your business.

When Service Hook identifies an appointment opportunity that didn't get booked, they'll tee it up for you and your staff and then track the follow-up effort. If you don't have time to pursue these opportunities, it's team will reach out to the customer on your behalf and book new appointments that would have otherwise been missed.

Service Hook is more than an answering service — it's a new way of interacting with your customers through live call handling.

For additional information, and to get started for free, visit www.servicehook.com.