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Ruth King Releases New Critical Thinking Course for HVAC Technicians

NORCROSS, Ga. — Nationally recognized HVAC consultant Ruth King teamed up with Ron Walker, former technician, service manager, and owner of HVAC Training Solutions, to create a new course: Critical Thinking Skills for HVAC Technicians.

This on-line course has four modules: background, heating, cooling, and electrical. It gives technicians the skills they need to think through their diagnoses so they can find and fix the right problem the first time.

"This course answered my, and many other contractors' frustrations with technicians who never learned how to think in school,” King said. “They memorize and learn from rote. Whenever they see something different they can't solve a problem. This course, gives technicians the tools they need to think through a problem, and actually solve it by themselves.”

Ron Walker, owner of HVAC Training Solutions, added, “When I was a service manager I was totally frustrated with technicians not being able to think for themselves. I wish I had developed this course years ago, It would have saved me a lot of time and the company would have been more profitable."

For additional information, visit HVACCriticalThinking.com.