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RSES Members Awarded CM/CMS Status


ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — RSES is proud to announce the names of members who were awarded RSES Certificate Member and Certificate Member Specialist status April through June 2014.
To become a CM, a RSES Member must first pass a rigorous examination that tests the knowledge required to install and service refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. CM-level members are recognized industry-wide as having achieved a superior level of HVACR knowledge. The RSES CM exam is based heavily on theory and practical applications.

The following RSES members passed the CM exam and were awarded CM status: H. Edward Bartram, CM, of the Greater Detroit Chapter, Detroit; Dion L. Buckley, CM, of the Old Gold Chapter, Iowa City, Iowa; and Stephen G. Sargent, CM, of the Mid-State Chapter, State College, Pa.
To obtain CMS status, a SM or RSES Member must first pass the CM examination. CMS status is earned by passing one or more of the eight Specialist examinations available. Specialist exam categories include: Commercial Refrigeration; Commercial Air Conditioning; Heating; Controls; Domestic Service; HVACR Electrical; Heat Pumps; and Dynamic Compression.

The following RSES members passed a CMS exam and were awarded CMS status: Thomas E. Pieniazek, CMS, of the Central Arizona Chapter, Phoenix, passed the CMS exam in HVACR Electrical; and Brynn C. Cooksey, CMS, of the Greater Detroit Chapter, Detroit, passed the CMS exam in Domestic Service.

The CM/CMS exam series originated in 1935 and the SM classification was introduced in September 2008. For additional information, please visit www.rses.org.