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RSES Members Elect Board of Directors at Annual Conference


LONG BEACH, Calif. — Elections for new officers, including RSES’ Executive Committee and Regional Directors, were held as part of the RSES Annual Business meeting during the 77th RSES Annual Conference. Members elected a new slate of officers to serve terms from 2014-2015.

RSES’ new Executive Committee officers include:

  • International President Harlan “Skip” Krepcik, CMS, RCT
  • International Vice President Michael J. Thompson, CMS
  • International Secretary and Treasurer Nick Reggi, CMS, RCT
  • International Sergeant at Arms Steve Wright, Sr., CMS, RCT
  • Chairman, Educational & Examining Board Roger M. Hensley, CMS, RCT

The most recent Regional Director elected to the RSES Board was Region 4 and 6 Raymond T. Clary, CMS, who will serve a two-year term.

Regional Directors re-elected to serve additional two-year terms on the RSES Board include:

  • Regions 1 and 3 Michael J. Thompson, CMS
  • Regions 5 and 7 Steve Wright, Sr., CMS, RCT
  • Regions 9, 12 and 13 Michael Ralston, CM
  • Region 10 Larry D. Brewer, CM

Returning Regional Directors to serve their second of a two-year term on the RSES Board include:

  • Region 2 Arthur T. Miller, CMS, RCT
  • Regions 8 and 11 Rich Hoke, CMS
  • Regions 14 and 15 J.F. “Fred” Townsend
  • Regions 16 and 17 Nick Reggi, CMS, RCT

For additional information, visit www.rses.org.