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RIDGID Battery-Operated Press Tools Line


ELYRIA, OH – RIDGID introduces two new models to its line of battery-operated press tools: the RP 340 and the RP 200-B.

RP 340

The RP 340 Press Tool is a smaller, lighter pressing option for joining copper and stainless steel tubing ½” to 4” in diameter and PEX tubing and black iron pipe ½” to 2” in diameter.

The RP 340 is 30 percent smaller and 17 percent lighter than its predecessor (the RP 330 Press Tool), increasing user maneuverability and reducing the potential for operator fatigue. It also boasts an industry-leading service-interval cycle (up to 42,000 cycles) and comes standard with new RIDGID 18V Advanced Lithium 2 batteries, which are capable of more than 200 presses per charge and charge faster than previous RIDGID batteries, all in a smaller and lighter package. Larger capacity 18V Advanced Lithium 4 batteries are also available and are capable of delivering more than 400 presses per charge. An optional AC power adapter provides users ultimate flexibility with the ability to switch between battery and corded AC power.

Compatible with all RIDGID Standard Series Pressing Jaws and Attachments, the RP 340 offers industry-exclusive bolt sensor technology to ensure jaws & attachments are securely connected to the tool before a press cycle is initiated.  Other features include a quick cycle time (4 seconds); the ability to operate in extreme temperature ranges (15°F–122°F); and  the ability to rotate jaws up to 270° to access tight spaces.

“The RP 340 is the smallest and lightest 4” capable press tool that RIDIGD has ever offered,” said Rob Trefz, director of marketing for Pipe Installation and Maintenance Products at RIDGID. “The smaller size helps get the tool into tight areas and the lighter weight reduces operator fatigue. In addition, the tool can be run with battery- or corded-power, giving users the ability to choose the best option for each job.” 

RP 200-B

The new RP 200-B Press Tool is the latest addition to RIDGID's broad press tool lineup. The inline-designed RP 200-B, complemented with a 270° rotating barrel, offers contractors a fast and reliable way to join copper and stainless steel tubing (½” to 1-¼” in diameter) and PEX tubing (?” to 1-½” in diameter) in hard-to-reach spaces. With the new addition, RIDGID now offers a choice between pistol-style or inline press tool designs, offering solutions to fit a variety of needs. 

A lightweight (6.2 lbs.), cordless tool, the RP 200-B produces a hydraulic ram output of 5,400 lbs. and can make connections in as few as 4-5 seconds. It also comes standard with two RIDGID Advanced Lithium Batteries that can produce more than 200 presses per charge for jobsite efficiency. Larger capacity batteries are also available and can achieve more than 400 presses per charge to maximize uptime.

Adding to the tool’s versatility, it can operate in temperatures ranging from 15° F to 122° F and is compatible with all RIDGID Compact Series Press Tool attachments, including Compact Series ProPress Jaws for Copper Tubing, Compact Jaws for Pureflow and the C1 ProPress Ring Kit.

The RP 200-B also comes with a convenient carrying case and is backed by the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty against material defects and workmanship.

“The RP 200-B was specially designed to handle applications in hard-to-reach areas,” said Rob Trefz, director of marketing for Pipe Installation and Maintenance Products at RIDGID. “The in-line design combined with the 270° rotating head allows the tool to access tight spaces. Additionally, it can be used with the C1 ProPress Ring Kit, which features a swivel actuator that allows the press tool to be placed +/- 90 degrees to the tube being pressed. This helps maximize access to inconveniently-placed fittings.”

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