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RectorSeal AC Leak Freeze


RectorSeal has introduced three new refrigeration leak sealant products to its AC Leak Freeze product line for permanently sealing micro leaks in residential and commercial air conditioning systems. AC Leak Freeze’s PRO nano Series, which uses a patent-pending, quick-installing applicator, has added AC Leak Freeze nano UV, AC Leak Freeze nano Mini-Split UV, and AC Leak Freeze nano Mini-Split.

All three new products contain the same trusted, renowned AC Leak Freeze formula and its recently-introduced nano particle sealing technology for nano-sized leaks, such as those caused by formicary corrosion.

Both ultraviolet (UV) products–AC Leak Freeze PRO nano UV (for 1.5 to 6-ton systems) and AC Leak Freeze PRO nano Mini-Split UV (for under 1.5-ton systems)–add a leak detection feature using the HVAC industry’s brightest fluorescing ultraviolet (UV) dye. The oil-based green dye, which is designed and safe for HVAC/R system components and orifices, expedites leak troubleshooting by identifying exit holes and skips the time-consuming, conventional repair step of leak detection with bubble liquids, electronic sniffers, ultrasonic detectors or a separate dye injection. The UV products are designed for industry standard UV detection lights.


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