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Training & Education


HVAC Spells Wealth Audio CD

This 9 disc set offers 10 hours and 27 minutes of information -- As read by Ron Smith!

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MovinCool Guide to Portable AC

An 8-page MovinCool guide, “Using Portable Spot Air Conditioners in Industrial Applications: Cooling People, Processes and Equipment,” is now available as a download.

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HVAC Light Commercial Service Agreements

In this book the author of the best-selling and highly acclaimed book “HVAC Spells Wealth” provides all of the information needed to build and maintain a successful light commercial service agreement program.

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Ron Smith How-To HVAC Book Available

"HVAC Spells Wealth" is one of the most comprehensive “how-to” books ever written for the HVAC industry. First released in January of 2007, it is now in its 27th printing.

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