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Indoor Air Quality


Aprilaire Ductless Steam Humidifier

Aprilaire’s Model 865 Ductless Steam Humidifier fan pack is a versatile and easy-to-install dispersion unit with only an aesthetically pleasing grille located in the living space.

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UV Resources Ultraviolet Lamp Kit

The Remote Lamp Mount (RLM) Small Systems (S/S) ultraviolet (UV-C) lamp fixture kit from UV Resources delivers ultraviolet energy to destroy coil/drain pan microbial infestations and disinfect moving air streams in hard-to-service fan coil units, package (PTAC) units and heat pump systems.

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Honeywell Electrode Humidifer

Honeywell's Electrode Humidifier provides optimum humidity levels to combat common dry air experiences throughout the home such as dry skin and static electricity.

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UV Resources 24-volt Hornet

The 24-volt Hornet ultraviolet (UV-C) lamp fixture from UV Resources can be easily installed in most any residential and light commercial HVAC system to provide cleaner, healthier air; improve airflow and heat-exchange efficiency levels, which can reduce energy use.

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CleanAlert WiFi Air Filter Monitor

The FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor and AirFilterSentry Notification System from CleanAlert sends a text and e-mail alert to you when a filter needs servicing.

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AAF MEGApleat Filter

AAF International’s MEGApleat M8 premium pleated filter reduces energy costs by up to 20 percent, lasts 30 percent longer, and is 40 percent stronger than other MERV 8 pleated filters.

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