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Noritz America Combination Boiler

The Noritz Combination Boiler delivers hot water for both plumbing and hydronic residential heating applications, while managing the switch between uses without a perceivable difference in performance.

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Friedrich VRP Heat Pump

Friedrich Air Conditioning’s VRP (Variable Refrigerant Packaged) Heat Pump system is not only a heating or cooling unit, but a total HVAC solution that also incorporates patents-pending make-up air and humidity control.

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Nortek No-Coil-Cabinet Gas Furnace

Nortek Global HVAC has launched a shorter version of its popular M7RL gas furnace in order to accommodate higher-SEER coils in crowded spaces.

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Luxaire LX Series

The Luxaire brand of Johnson Controls introduces two additions to the LX Series of residential gas furnaces — the TM8Y and the TM9Y models.

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Goodman Modulating Gas Furnace

Goodman’s new G_VM97 modulating gas furnace features improvements such as a newly designed tubular heat exchanger, reduced cabinet height and a higher AFUE efficiency rating of up to 97 percent.

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Armstrong Air A962V Gas Furnace

The A962V features a variable speed blower that changes the speed of airflow during operation, adjusting humidity levels and creating more even temperatures throughout the home.

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