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Geothermal & Solar


Enertech Packaged Geothermal System

Enertech’s next generation horizontal geothermal/water source heat pumps are built for drop-in installation, its small footprint and enhanced serviceability features make it an ideal solution for retrofit applications or new construction, and the compact size allows easier installation where space is limited.

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WaterFurnace 7 Series

The WaterFurnace 7 Series is quite possibly the most advanced heating and cooling system on the planet.

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WaterFurnace Hydronic Geothermal Heat Pump

WaterFurnace’s 5 Series 504W11 hydronic geothermal heat pump features patent-pending OptiHeat vapor injection technology.

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NuTone EarthDirEX

NuTone’s EarthDirEX geothermal direct geoexchange heat pump offers 19+ EER cooling and 3.8+ COP heating performance and is available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 ton capacities.

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GeoStar Introduces Sycamore Geothermal Comfort System

GeoStar introduced the Sycamore Series geothermal comfort system, which combines a variable capacity compressor with a variable speed blower motor and a variable speed loop pump to provide energy-efficient comfort, while protecting the environment.

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