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Industry Veterans Launch Success College for Contractors


SARASOTA, Fla. — Industry veterans Jim Abrams and Terry Nicholson are launching PRAXIS S-10, a Success College for Contractors.

“A major change is occurring," Nicholson said. "To meet the demands of consumers, we have created an innovative new HVAC business model for service contractors that we call PriceFixer. It’s designed to generate highly profitable replacement sales with no salespeople, no selling technicians, and no commissions. Consumers are absolutely going to love it.” 

Abrams and Nicholson established quite a reputation for helping contractors achieve tremendous success and for building big contracting businesses before selling their company, Clockwork Home Services — the parent company of One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Mister Sparky — to Direct Energy for $183 million in 2010. 

Prior to Clockwork Home Services, in 1996 Abrams founded the HVAC industry’s first publicly traded company, Service Experts.  Some of the more seasoned contractors may remember when Abrams invented the “best practice” concept for contractors when he founded Contractors Success Group with long-time business partner John Young. 

This time, they're focusing on helping the smaller contractor achieve success. 

“PriceFixer is tailor-made for the small HVAC contractor who needs more highly profitable replacement sales or plumbers who want to add HVAC to their service offerings,” Nicholson said. “Small contractors battle for market supremacy against large contractors. They lack the resources to train, advertise and market like large contractors.  This creates many obstacles for small contractors that threatens their ability to survive and makes it difficult to succeed.” 

Abrams and Nicholson are launching PRAXIS S-10 with Jimmy Hiller, a former student of theirs and owner of Nashville, Tenn.-based Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric. 

“When I met Mr. Abrams and Mr. Nicholson I was a struggling contractor with two employees, in debt up to my eyeballs,” Hiller said. 

He has since grown his company from one truck to 630 employees with 12 locations in three states as a direct result of their mentorship and application of the praxis principles for small business success taught by Abrams.

This new program, PRAXIS S-10, is a Success College for Contractors. Members will receive four major components:

• The knowledge that was never taught at trade school on how to manage a profitable contracting company. 
• PriceFixer, the innovative new business model that generates replacement sales with no salespeople, no selling technicians and no commissions. 
• Discounts and savings on virtually any item a contractor would purchase.
• An e-training solution designed to create the world’s greatest employees.

PRAXIS S-10 is hosting five free national events across the country called Success Day — The HVAC Contractors Guide to Greatness, to introduce contractors to their Success College for Contractors. 

• September 17, 2016 — Newark, N.J.
• September 24, 2016 — Chicago
• October 1, 2016 — Orlando, Fla.
• October 8, 2016 — Dallas
• October 15, 2016 — Las Vegas

For additional information, visit PraxisS10.com.