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Panasonic's Inverter Series Receives ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Designation


NEWARK, N.J. — Underscoring its commitment to energy efficiency in the U.S. HVAC market, Panasonic Heating & Air Conditioning Group's Inverter Series has achieved the coveted ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015 designation.

Every year, ENERGY STAR awards products across 12 categories with the Most Efficient designation. Products are awarded this distinction because of their commitment to delivering cutting-edge energy efficiency and technological innovations.

Panasonic continues to exceed industry standards with its breakthrough Inverter Technology which is featured in each model of its 2015 Energy Star Most Efficient Inverter Series. Enabling the change of power supply frequency, the Inverter technology provides each model with flexible operation while using less electricity.

The inverter constantly adjusts the compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance at all times. Once the set temperature is reached, the inverter continues to operate with minimum power to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption. This extremely precise operation enables quick cooling or heating while also reducing power consumption.

"Panasonic Heating & Air Conditioning Group is proud to be recognized as a leader in efficient cooling and heating systems that don't require ductwork," said Malcolm Persaud, Panasonic Heating & Air Conditioning Group Senior Manager of Business Development. "The 2015 designation shows our commitment to offering consumers and contractors the highest performing product on the market."

Featuring some of the highest SEER ratings in the market, Panasonic's Inverter Series reduces electricity consumption with a sophisticated DC brush-less motor with rare-earth permanent magnet. The advanced control on the inverter motor provides powerful and quiet operation and make installation quick and easy, without the need for major construction and remodeling.

The following Panasonic Inverter Series units qualify for the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015 designation:

  • CU-XE9PKUA (Outdoor)/ CS-XE9PKUA (Indoor)
  • CU-XE12PKUA (Outdoor)/ CS-XE12PKUA (Indoor)
  • CU-E9NKUA (Outdoor)/ CS-E9KUAW (Indoor)
  • CU-S9KUA (Outdoor)/ CS-S9NKUA (Indoor)

For additional information, visit panasonic.com.