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Anthony Ortega Earns Certified Master HVACR Educator Credential


Mount Prospect, Ill. — Anthony Ortega, of Capstone College in Pasadena, Calif., has earned the title of Certified Master HVACR Educator, "CMHE" bestowed upon him by HVAC Excellence.

The foundation for building a great program begins with having: text books, software, assessments, equipment, trainers, tools and test instruments. However, in the end of the day the most important asset of the program is the instructor and the quality of any program is only as good as the instructor chosen to lead it.

To enable HVACR instructors to verify the depth of their knowledge and ability to relate subject matter effectively, HVAC Excellence developed specialized educator credentialing exams called Certified Subject Matter Educator "CSME". These exams validate an HVACR instructor has mastered the subject matter to teach the competencies in their curriculum. The Capstone exam (CORE) covers technical education methodologies and principles and practices, and attests to an instructor's pedagogical skills.

To earn the title of CMHE, instructors must pass seven different CSME exams with a score of 80% or higher. The exams are: Capstone exam (CORE, which covers technical education methodologies, principles, and practices which attest to their pedagogical skills), electrical, air conditioning, light commercial air conditioning, light commercial refrigeration, electric heat and one of the following: gas heat, oil heat, heat pumps.

Instructors who earn the title of Certified Master HVACR Educator, CMHE, validate that they have the knowledge necessary to prepare their students for success in the HVACR industry. As these exams are voluntary, instructors who earn these credentials should be commended for their commitment to their students and the communities they serve.

Ortega is now part of an elite group of instructors nationally to have the title of CMHE bestowed upon them.

For additional information, visit www.hvacexcellence.org.