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Nortek Global HVAC Awards Distributors at Annual Business Meeting


ST. LOUIS — At the annual distributor business meeting for 2016, Nortek Global HVAC awarded several distributors for outstanding sales and support throughout the year.

AC Pro of Riverside, Calif. was recognized as a leading 2016 Maytag Sales Performer. “AC Pro worked closely with us to build even greater loyalty through their Maytag contractor base,” said Philip Windham, president of Nortek Global HVAC. “Their dedication and talented people have been key to exceeding customer expectations and growing our business.”

Partners Supply in Chattanooga, Tenn. was named a top 2016 Maytag Sales Performer. “Partners Supply put full effort into the brand, which paid off in 2016,” Windham said. “They have worked very hard to build their infrastructure to handle a significant amount of business.”

Coburn Supply Company of Beaumont, Texas was named a top 2016 Frigidaire Sales Performer. “Coburn Supply has used its commitment to customer service to grow this brand,” Windham said. “Their strategic market locations and local touch are strong keys to their success.”

Icon Sheet Metal & A/C Supply in North Hollywood, Calif. was recognized as a leading 2016 Frigidaire Sales Performer. “Icon Sheet Metal & A/C Supply has been a positive force this year,” Windham said. “We expect great things from them in 2017 and beyond.”

Trent Metals Limited of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada was named a top 2016 Frigidaire Sales Performer. “Trent Metals made tremendous efforts in 2016 that paid off with a strong, engaged contractor base,” added Windham. “Their commitment to customers has led to high levels of satisfaction and sales.”

Dale Supply of Nashville, Tenn. was recognized as a top 2016 Westinghouse Sales Performer. “Dale Supply did an excellent job promoting the Westinghouse brand to their contractor base and increasing sales,” said Windham. “They succeed by having a staff that is highly knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for customers.”

R.A. Townsend of Alpena, Mich. was acknowledged for its top 2016 Westinghouse Sales Performance. “R.A. Townsend has taken positive growth steps across their entire footprint,” said Windham. “We’re proud of their continuing efforts with us and the brand.”

Tri-State Distributors of Royston, Ga. was named a leading 2016 Westinghouse Sales Performer. “Tri-State Distributors outpaced industry growth thanks to a lot of hard work,” explained Windham. “They prove that growing sales still comes down to traditional values like dependable and courteous service to customers.”

Aireco Supply of Laurel, Md. was recognized as a top 2016 Gibson Sales Performer. “Aireco Supply is always aggressively looking for ways to revitalize their Gibson brand,” explained Windham. “They are a great business partner with us as well as with their customer base.”

Marks Supply of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada was named a top 2016 Gibson Sales Performer. “Marks Supply continues to grow sales year after year,” said Windham. “Their commitment to innovation and a highly trained staff pays big dividends in sales results.”

Associate Refrigeration of Pennsauken, N.J. was recognized as a leading 2016 Gibson Sales Performer. “Associate Refrigeration was a stand-out this year and a true asset to growing our Gibson brand,” added Windham. “They continue to grow business the traditional way — by developing strong relationships with their customers.”

R.E. Michel Company of Baltimore, Md. was awarded the 2016 Sales Growth Award. “R.E. Michel has gone to exceptional lengths to reinvigorate and reinvest in their Nortek Global HVAC business,” stated Windham. “The turnaround has been significant.”

Nortek Global HVAC congratulates all of these distributors on this recognition and thanks them for a tremendous business partnership.

For additional information, visit nortekhvac.com.