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Noritz Revamps PROCard Incentive Program with New App


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. — Noritz America recently unveiled a dramatically upgraded version of its 13-year-old PROCard trade incentive program, going beyond rebates-for-purchases to offer a robust lead-generation service for plumbing and HVAC contractors.

The overarching goal of the revamped program is to deliver more sales leads more quickly to installers and technicians in the field, better enabling them to grow their businesses through tankless water heaters.

“The power of this new program is in how it allows any contractor — regardless of company size — to build a higher marketing profile in his locale by more aggressively pursuing tankless water heater installation and service work,” explains Jason Fleming, Marketing and Customer Care Manager at Noritz.

Contractors will be able to receive and respond to consumer leads at the PROCard.Noritz.com website, using any digital device: tablets, PCs, Macs and smart phones. But the key aspect of the new program is the new PROCard app that will deliver leads to a contractor’s cell phone more quickly, so that he can, in turn, respond with equal speed — both to Noritz and to the prospective customer.

The revamped program operates as follows:

  • If not already a PROCard member, a contractor must register on the program website.
  • A homeowner contacting Noritz online or by phone will have the option of selecting one or more installers on the brand’s website. Contractors will be listed according to their Noritz Power Rankings, which will reflect the depth of their involvement with the brand, its products and programs.
  • As an alternative, the prospect can ask Noritz to recommend potential installers in his or her locale. Noritz will select up to five, based on their Power Rankings.
  • If selected by the prospect or Noritz, the contractors will be immediately notified.
  • The contractor accepts/rejects the lead online or — more quickly — via the app.
  • In this first-come/first-served program, a contractor’s accepting the lead will automatically foreclose that opportunity for the other, selected contractors. (However, the consumer has the option of contacting multiple contractors to submit bids.)
  • Once the contractor who accepted the lead completes the installation or the service work, he registers the activity by going online or by scanning a QR code on the water heater with his smart phone. The QR code feature is new for Noritz.

Visit procard.noritz.com/procard/ for additional information.