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Nexstar Network welcomes Lucas McAlpin

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — Nexstar Network is happy to announce its newest staff member, Lucas McAlpin.

McAlpin has worked in the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical (PHCE) trades for 8 years and has 15 years of sales experience. He was formerly the residential operations manager for a company that was a part of Nexstar Network, and experienced firsthand what Nexstar can do in a PHCE business.

"I'm excited to bring the positive experience I had to future Nexstar members," he said.

Rachel Whitman, director of sales for Nexstar, said McAlpin has many strengths that will bring great balance to the membership sales team at Nexstar.

"Having worked in our industry in a senior management role, he easily identifies and empathizes with owners," Whitman said. "He has experienced Nexstar from a member's point of view and has seen how Nexstar can change the lives of PHCE owners and their employees. That level of authenticity and insight is invaluable. He's also smart, compassionate and fun to be around, so both members and prospective members will enjoy the time they spend getting to know Lucas."

McAlpin joins a team of 38 dedicated coaches, trainers and support staff who work with plumbing, HVAC and electrical residential service contractors to help them improve their businesses.

Visit nexstarnetwork.com for additional information.