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NexRev Achieves Milestone Of 25,000 DrivePak VFD Retrofit Installations


PLANO, Texas — NexRev Inc. has completed 25,000 successful installations of its flagship product, DrivePak, since its introduction to the market in 2008.

DrivePak provides a consistent reduction in total energy savings while optimizing occupant comfort. DrivePak customers are seeing energy savings that average 15 percent of their total facility energy usage.

“DrivePak has thrived in the retail and entertainment markets as a result of its immediate and continual improvement to our customer’s energy management strategies,” said Kenneth Smith, NexRev CEO. “This achievement is a clear indication of the impact variable flow technology has on improving efficiency standards of existing HVAC equipment, while at the same time extending its life.”

DrivePak VFD retrofit technology works by changing the operation of HVAC fans from constant speed to variable speed by matching fan speed to actual load requirements. Through NexRev’s design and deployment offering, the economics of applying VFD technology to smaller fan motors has changed. Previously feasible only for fan motors 20 horsepower and up, now the ROI ­— even for standard rooftop package units with blower motors down in the 2 to 5 horsepower range – can result in a payback of less than two years. And, DrivePak technology can be applied to larger motors — up to 100 horsepower – at impressive ROI figures.

For additional information, visit www.nexrev.com.