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Mueller Refrigeration Steel Isolation Valves

Mueller Refrigeration has introduced a complete line of Steel Isolation Valves (SIV) that have been designed to provide both flexibility and performance when used in any refrigeration system.

Manual stem service valves are typically installed in refrigeration systems in order to isolate circuits or critical components, which enables access to the system for repair purposes while also safely ensuring no loss of refrigerant. These valves can have many different styles and are generally forged of brass or cast iron before being mounted directly onto compressors. Angle-style valves in solder or rotalock configurations can be mounted on circuits, supply lines and adaptor fittings.

Mueller SIV series products feature a flexible three-port configuration that allows easy access to any service port, no matter where the valve may be mounted in the system. Each SIV has dual ports on both sides of the valve that remain open during normal operation, and can also be used with pressure switches or gauges as required within system operation or service applications. The SIV’s top service port is completely isolated when the stem is full back-seated, enabling it to be used for pressure readings or charging/evacuation when slightly cracked from the back-seat.

Mueller SIVs are versatile enough to be customized to meet any design requirement simply by identifying which of the individual ports should be permanently sealed via a special locked-brass seal cap that protects the ports from unwanted tampering and leaks, the company says. Additionally, all Mueller SIV bodies are specially plated to maximize protection against rust and feature solid-copper connections that allow for easy and quick installation.

For more information: www.muellerindustries.com.

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