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Mitsubishi P-Series Heat Pump


SUWANEE, GA – Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric) offers the the PUZ-HA30NHA2 P-Series Hyper-Heating (H2i) outdoor unit, which provides heating in extremely low temperatures.

“Mitsubishi Electric’s patent pending flash technology provides outstanding heating performance at extremely low temperatures while keeping energy usage at the minimum to maintain comfort,” says Mike Smith, senior product marketing manager, Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division.

The P-Series outdoor units provide 100 percent of rated heating capacity at ambient temperatures down to five degrees Fahrenheit. At minus four degrees Fahrenheit, the system operates at 87 percent of rated heating capacity, and at minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit, the system operates at 70 percent of rated heating capacity.

With the Mitsubishi Electric H2i P-Series, users can benefit from comfortable air temperatures from their indoor units right away. At start-up, a special circuit quickly delivers refrigerant to the air-conditioning cycle, which rapidly increases the mass flow rate in the system.

According to Smith,  traditional heat pumps do not operate at such low ambient temperatures with full capacity compared to the H2i outdoor unit. H2i systems employ technology that re-collects heat energy that is normally wasted in the flash process at the outdoor coil. This process helps the H2i systems overcome issues commonly associated with conventional heat pumps such as decreases in low-side pressure, refrigerant mass flow rate and operational capacity. “The INVERTER-driven compressor in the H2i outdoor unit varies its speed to precisely match the zone load requirements for year-round comfort and effective energy usage,” says Smith.

Featuring high reliability and rugged construction, the H2i P-Series heat pumps offer a variety of features designed to take the worry out of temperature control such as automatic restart in the case of power outages and automatic cool/heat changeover. The P-Series models are compatible with a variety of styles of indoor units, including wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended, ceiling-cassette and ducted indoor units, making for a wide range of installation possibilities. In addition, for added convenience, it is possible to install two indoor units connected to one outdoor unit to cool or heat a large space such as a long room or hallway. Called twinning, the indoor units act as a single zone.

The split-ductless H2i P-Series heat pump has a 36,000 Btu/h cooling capacity and 38,000 Btu/h heating capacity. The outdoor unit operates quietly at 52 dB(A) in cooling and 53 dB(A) in heating and features long line-length capabilities of up to 245 feet for expanded application possibilities.

“In a 2006 field evaluation at a Lake Mills, Wis., church, the P-Series H2i system delivered a discharge temperature of 123 degrees Fahrenheit when the outdoor temperature was just two degrees Fahrenheit. The indoor temperature at the time was a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit,” continues Smith. “Mitsubishi Electric is pleased to be able to provide a single system with the ability to provide our end-users with the ultimate in comfort, even on the coldest days of the year.”

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