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A former U.S. Navy Captain, Mike Abrashoff took control of the USS Benfold, one of the worst performing ships in the Pacific Fleet. After just 12 months, he transformed the ship — using the same crew — and won the Navy’s Spokane Trophy for best-performing ship in the Pacific Fleet. For additional information on how to transform your leadership, visit apgleadership.com/fuel-hvacr.

Articles by Mike Abrashoff

Put the Right People in the Right Roles

A clear vision and the ideal team represent a strong mix, ensuring sustained growth and elevated performances.
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Connect Your People to Your Purpose

Having a vision for your company is only half the battle. Connecting your team to that vision is equally important, and simplicity is always best.
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Commit Yourself to Becoming a Great Leader

Outstanding performance is achieved by people who feel they have some ownership in the enterprise.
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